Tomorrow, December 31st, 2020 is our last day of doggie daycare and park operations, due to pandemic challenges and the onset of winter.

First and foremost, our proficient and talented staff: Alicia, Brianna, and McKenzie went above and beyond to provide a safe and socially distanced experience since the start of COVID-19 and throughout their tenure with Wags. Their dedication to their job, our customers, and most importantly the dogs, provided one of the safest, most fun, charitable, and educational dog-focused businesses in Greater Cincinnati. We can’t thank them enough.

Most importantly, thanks to our canine customers, their humans, and anyone who supported us over the last decade.

This closing isn’t a “goodbye.” It’s a “see you later.” As we make renovations and improvements to the property in the coming months, stay tuned for details regarding a new dog-friendly entertainment concept on the other side of this pandemic.