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Bring Out The Best in Your Dog at WagsAcademy

We’ve gathered some of this area’s best and most experienced trainers under one roof to help your dog learn how to become a well-behaved member of the family. From Puppy Training to advanced obedience, our classes will have your dog focusing on your commands and learning how to “play nice” with other dogs.

Call 513-322-5432 for convenient class times and prices or check our Events Calendar.

Meet The Trainer

Donna, our trainer here at the park, comes with a great deal of experience.  She has been working with dog behavior for over 9 years now, and before that trained marine mammals.  Donna has a BA in Psychology, specializing in animal behavior.  She has the will and desire to help you with your dog and make it fun, not a chore! We offer several options, from private-in-home, at the park, socializing, consultations, and a variety of other classes.

Right Start Puppy Training

You only have one chance at a perfect start.

dog-leash-sittingMost everything puppies learn, good and bad, is learned within the first 20 weeks of their lives. Early training and socialization is critical for your dog’s development and will help dictate how he behaves in the future. Just a little time, knowledge and attention on your part when your dog is young will reward you with years of trouble-free love and companionship.

The Right Start Puppy Training course at WagsAcademy is the quick, easy and delightfully fun way to teach your new companion the ropes—how to interact with people and other dogs, how to listen during the challenging “teenage” years, and of course the basic commands that make any dog a joy to be around.

  • The area’s best professional training Instructors
  • Free WagsPark play Included on class days
  • Puppy Classes available for dogs up to five months

Basic obedience

Here at WagsPark, we do not offer your typical basic obedience classes.  Of course, you will learn how to teach your dog “sit, down, heel, and stay” commands…that’s the “easy” stuff.  The important parts are working away from home, controlling your dog on walks in public, “out of the norm” situations with lots of distractions, as well as lots of fun! If you’re bored, so is your dog. You will walk away with wanting to “work” with your dog.

At WagsPark, we teach you and your dog.

Intermediate Training

Once your dog has learned the basics, it’s time to move to the next level. Our Intermediate classes reinforce what was taught in puppy training, such as improving your dog’s ability to hold a “stay” or “down” for longer periods of time.  We also teach your dog to ignore distractions and focus on your commands.




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